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6 Tips for Mastering Necesse

Posted on October 23, 2023

Necesse is new to the gaming scene, but it's already made a big impact. Although the game makes it easy to get started, it's harder to master the game. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you rise to the top in the world of Necesse. Read our guide to get to grips with the game.

1. Think Storage!

Storage may not be the most exciting element of an RPG. But in Neccesse, focusing on storage is one of the most important things you can do to get an early advantage in the game. Getting it right will allow you to have everything you need to navigate the caves and dungeons of this digital world.

Take a little time to arrange your storage properly. Choose your priority items and arrange your chests by item type. Although it may take a while to manage your items in the early game, this will help you to be more efficient in the long run.

2. Settle Down

There are two key types of mods for Terraria. The most commonly used mods are integrated into tModLoader. There are a great range of these mods available thanks to the ease of coding mods through the program. They are also easier to run and have more support options available.

The other type of mod is the standalone. Standalone mods are loaded separately from the core game and won't run through tModLoader. Although these types of mods are rarer, they offer a greater variety of styles and gameplay options due to a lack of constraints from APIs.

3. Armor Up

There are a lot of threats in the world of Necesse. So, it's important to focus on armor to keep yourself protected. A range of armor types is available, from simple leather to mysterious ancient fossil sets. Getting your hands on the highest level of armor available should be your top priority.

You can also boost your protection with trinkets. Each trinket can offer +4 armor points with the right enchantment, and you'll find many trinkets as loot in caves. These can provide a significant boost to your protection.

4. Heal Up

Even with the best armor the game has to offer, you're still bound to take a fair bit of damage. You will need to replenish your health if you're to survive in this world. A wide variety of healing options are available, but health potions should be your standard option. Automate potion production as soon as possible and ensure you always have a good supply available.

Make sure to use the quick heal option (the Q key by default). This will help you stay alive under the onslaught of attacks some enemies throw at you.

5. Bash the Bosses

Just like other RPGs, Necesse offers a range of bosses to help you test your skills. Although these are fearsome foes for some new players, they can be used to your advantage.

The first boss in the game can be summoned using a dark portal. With a decent weapon and a summon or two, you'll be able to beat this boss relatively easily. The loot and exp you'll get from this fight can help you upgrade quickly!

6. Use Recall Scrolls

Recall scrolls are a special item that can teleport you to safety. Simply use this scroll to teleport back to your bed from anywhere in the game. Think of this as like the Escape Rope in Pokémon or the Heartstone in World of Warcraft.

Remember, there are all kinds of things that can kill you in Neccesse. From terrifying bosses to poison and hunger, you might meet your demise if you cannot return to your spawn point quickly enough. A stack of recall scrolls in your inventory will help you avoid getting stranded far from home with your health quickly depleting.

Necesse Dedicated Server

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of Necesse tips! One of the best ways to enjoy playing Necesse is with a dedicated server. AleForge offers servers for Necesse where you can use mods and create your own rules. With our servers, you'll have the freedom to implement mods, craft your unique ruleset, and transform your gaming sessions into unforgettable adventures. Check out our options for server hosting today.

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