Avorion Dedicated Server

Posted on January 14, 2022

The global gaming market is exceeding $200 billion in profit. Avorion, a space video game with RTS, Sandbox, and construction elements, is one of the best multiplayer games available today.

These sessions offer procedurally generated maps and more. Servers are averaging around a thousand players a month.

But, to manage these play sessions, you'll need to understand how to build an Avorion Dedicated Server. This short guide will break down how to develop an Avorion Dedicated Server.

Steam CMD Installation

What is the Avorion Dedicated Server? The dedicated server allows players to host and control multiplayer game sessions, and players can use Steam console commands to build these sessions.

If you don't already own it, you should begin by downloading the SteamCMD installation zip. This zip folder will contain files to help control the command prompt.

Once you download the file, navigate to the file's set location. Extract the file contents to an easy-to-reach location. For example, you can place it in a folder on the desktop called steam cmd. 

Create a folder to serve as storage for your server data. When you create a folder for server data, it should not contain any spaces. For example, use a folder name like AvorionServer

Once you finish, click on the SteamCMD.exe file to open a console window. Steam will begin the installation. 

Once you complete the download, it will request an option to log in to the Steam application. You can connect your Steam information to log in or enter login anonymously to log in as an unidentifiable guest.

Avorion Server Folder

Once you complete this process, tell Steam where to place the Avorion server data. You can do so by copying the location of your server folder.

In this instance, we'll copy the location of the AvorionSever folder. Use the command force_install_dir and add the copied directory. 

Do an app update to verify the installation. To do so, enter app_update into the console window. 

Once you enter, it will begin allocating its resources. SteamCMD will place server data into the Avorion folder. The process might take a few moments or less to complete.

You will see a "Success!" message appear once you complete the installation. But, do not delete the SteamCMD application after completing the installation.

Avorion Server Build

You will now have access to the Avorion Dedicated Server data. Once you complete this step, you should have a folder with the following contents:

  • A "bin" folder
  • A "data" folder

You will also see various BAT files and DLL files within the folder. In addition, you will receive a text document outlining the server download information.

Once you complete this process, you will create an executable file to run your server. Now, you can move forward to building the actual server.

You may receive a windows security prompt if you are using Windows Defender. If you receive this prompt, make sure to give the administrator control by clicking Allow.

Building a Dedicated Server

You will need to open the launcher to fill in the correct information. You can input this information before running the server.

Click the launcher.bat file to open the Dedicated Server window. The program will give you a list of options to input your server details. Search Avorion Dedicated Server tips to find your preferred settings.

Server Information Window

This window will include the Path input. Cut and paste the location of the aforementioned AvorionServer folder directory into this location. 

You also have the option to input the name of the server. It will default as Admin's Server, but you may input whatever name you wish.

You can also add a description of the server. Include any details you want to relay to any party members or add a simple introduction to the server.

Next, there is a maximum players slot. You can add or subtract the number of players involved in the sever at all times, which will cap the number of players entering the servers.

If you plan to connect players using a LAN connection, you can pass the port information. But, you will need a set of I.P. addresses to set up the local connection.

Hosts can change server options such as adding or removing collision damage. The game is procedural, meaning every session has a unique build. But, you can control the difficulty as well via the server.

Click on Start to begin hosting your server; the Sever Online message will appear. It will also include many empty spaces for incoming players.

Hosting Your Avorion Dedicated Server

Navigate to your AppData folder; it is a hidden folder, so make sure to allow your computer to view hidden folders. Locate the Roaming folder and open the Avorion folder. Once this is open, navigate to the Galaxies folder.

Here, you will see your dedicated server folder. The server contains a file called Server.ini. Here you can manipulate many things like damage settings and collision damage.

Suppose you want to create a private server. Locate the whitelist.txt file. Here you can add the usernames you want to bring to the server.

The best Game server host must know how to customize their game sessions. Utilizing these server functions can help you build the perfect Avorion Dedicated Server.

Avorion Multiplayer Experience

Once you learn how to build these servers, you can host your Avorion multiplayer sessions. The Avorion Dedicated Server allows up to 20 players to enter a server at any time.

Dedicated Servers allow players to enter and exit games at various times and manipulate in-game items. As long as an Avorion Dedicated Server is open and running, players are free to host and control their sessions. You can make up the rules and play any way you want!

Click here for more information on how to build the best Avorion Dedicated Server today! 

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