Everything You Need to Know About Modded Minecraft Servers

Posted on November 07, 2022

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the last decade, accruing millions of players over the last eleven years. But after so long, many players are tired of playing vanilla servers with no changes from the base game. Because of this, modded Minecraft servers have become exceptionally popular.

If you're looking into Minecraft servers with mods, we're here to help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about modded Minecraft servers.

What Are Mods?

To start with, what are mods?

Short for "modifications," mods alter a game from its base state. The modding community is rich and active, with mods popular across most online games.

Modifications also come in a variety of forms. Some are purely cosmetic and give players new skins or appearances. Others may add new functionalities or add power to a player's arsenal.

Modifications are found in nearly any game that you can find online. Steam's workshop, for example, makes it easy for players to utilize mods.

Games like the Elder Scrolls franchise are famously modded to create a completely different gaming experience. Modders may add new spells, weapons, NPCs, followers, quests, and more.

In Minecraft, mods are often just as complex. These mods will breathe new life into a game, making Minecraft feel as rich and exciting as the first time you played it.

Common Modifications

Now that we know what mods are, what are some common mods to find in Minecraft? When looking for modded Minecraft servers, you can often find a list of what modifications or Minecraft modpacks they've added. Here are some of the many types of mods you may find.

New Materials

One of the most common things for modders to add is new materials. These modpacks will add new materials past what Mojang and Microsoft put into the game.

The sky is the limit with new material packs, with the creativity of the modder the only restraint. A mod may add new types of wood, new stones, new metals, and more. They could also add new animals or monsters, which may drop new materials for crafting.

Often when new materials are added, new tools or weaponry come with them. In Minecraft, not having something to make from a raw material makes the material worthless.

These items could be helpful in combat or simply lovely decorations. Additional light sources or more potent weaponry often come from modded resources. Consult your Minecraft modpacks to see what's being added with your mods or what mods are active on a server.

New Tools

Along with new materials, modded servers may also include new tools. Usually, these tools are superior to the base tools in some way. They may last longer, deal more damage to blocks, or generate more resources.

Others may exist to fill a gap. For example, the quality jump between Iron and Diamond tools is massive! If a modder adds a quality of tools between that gap, it can help make finding diamonds not feel like such a vital task.

Some tools could also fit new professions that the mod is introducing. Fletching tools, new farming gadgets, and other such additions are frequently given in modpacks.

As always, check what a modpack offers before looking into a modded server. If it's packed with mods you don't need; you may find a performance hit loading all the extraneous data. You can also find more information on most mods by checking this information.

Texture Packs

Texture packs are highly common in many modifications. A texture pack will usually replace the standard textures in the game to help change appearances.

Primarily, these are used to help improve the visuals of the game. A texture pack might give higher-resolution models or make weaponry and tools appear more impressive. Others may change the game's visual appearance completely, making everything feel different!

Texture packs don't always come with new content besides appearances. They'll let you enhance and alter the game's look without changing your gameplay.

Other options may include changing the lighting or visuals of the world without changing textures. More dynamic lighting or different colors of torches, for example, may help the game appear more appealing. If you don't enjoy Minecraft's natural graphics, a texture pack can help the game become much more enjoyable!

New Enemies

On many modded servers, the modifications bring in new enemies or mobs to fight. These mods are common on servers emphasizing the Player Versus Environment mechanics, or PvE. PvE games remove any Player versus Player content (PvP) and pit the players against the game itself.

Minecraft, however, isn't complicated. While raising the game's difficulty increases the damage enemies deal, the game's mechanics are generally considered simple and easy.

Many mods seek to undo this and make the game significantly more challenging for players. Mods may change the stats or abilities of the vanilla enemies to increase the challenge. Zombies may spawn more frequently, deal more damage, and be immune to sunlight, for example.

Others may add in enemies made from scratch. Additionally, some modded servers will blend the different "realms" of the game to blend Nether enemies into the overworld.

Again, the only limit for modification is what the modders think of, so it's difficult to say what you can find! Look into the enemies of the modded server you're thinking of joining. If you're hosting modded Minecraft servers, consider browsing multiple Minecraft modpacks before deciding which best suits your needs.

Added Functionality

Finally, you can find many modpacks that add functionality to the game. These are varied and can come in countless different forms.

Some added functionalities may include opening up server commands for all players. Others may give a more extensive inventory, equipment that lets you carry more, new features, and more.

Many functionalities may restrict players or empower others. For example, if you're on a roleplay server, functionalities may help enforce roles or make some roleplaying easier. These could include adding in simple mechanics or a more prosperous trading system.

Overall, it's rare to find added functionality in a modded Minecraft server. That's because adding new functionality is a more complex task that isn't always rewarding! Still, many modders will add functionalities that help the game feel richer and livelier.

As always, the sky's the limit to what functions can be added. However, most modded servers won't add a profound amount of functionality. Adding such things to the game is complex and can consume resources and cause instabilities, making them harder to maintain.

Modified Servers

With so much information on mods, what do modded servers accomplish? Can't you add mods to your game and join any server you want?

In some servers, you can bring your own mods. However, you'll need to ensure compatibility before joining a server, which is difficult with a set of different mods. Most servers won't allow them unless the server is modded to prevent unfair gameplay or compatibility issues.

To solve this, the owner of a server may add their own mods. These mods are then given to the world, which makes it, so everyone is playing with the same Minecraft modpacks.

A texture pack will appear for all players, and new materials or tools will be in every player's arsenal. New monsters or areas will appear for all players as well.

By doing so, everyone is on an even playing field. That said, some mods can also make Minecraft a more demanding game.

Higher-resolution textures or other content may increase the hardware requirements of the game. A better GPU or more RAM could become necessary in extreme cases. Minecraft has become a more demanding game over the last decade, and mods can easily push a server past a computer's capabilities.

Make sure your computer can run all mods before joining modded Minecraft servers! If you're looking for mods to handle Minecraft server hosting, your hardware requirements will also change.

Using Modded Minecraft Servers

Modded Minecraft servers add considerable depth and variety to the classic game. Whether you want to add new features or make the game prettier, mods can help you accomplish this. If you're hosting modded Minecraft servers, ensure your hardware can handle hosting the game with the new requirements!

For more information on hosting multiplayer servers, be sure to visit our site.

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