How Can I Improve Latency When I'm Playing Minecraft?

Posted on June 15, 2020

Looking for a new game to play? Why not jump into Minecraft?

Over 91 million people play Minecraft monthly and you can play it online with friends.

If you’re playing Minecraft online, it’s a different experience since you can play with friends. It’s a fun experience, but sometimes, you’ll get high latency and start lagging. This makes the game less enjoyable, especially when you’re in a hostile environment like the Nether Fortress.

Don’t give up on online Minecraft gaming yet.

We put together a guide to improve latency while playing Minecraft. You can also read this article if you want to improve your FPS rate while playing.

Understanding Minecraft Lag

There’s no real definition of what Minecraft lag is. But for most people who experience it, this phenomenon happens when you notice a difference between your game action and the server’s reaction. For example, when you left-click to mine a block of Diamond, the server doesn’t respond to it instantaneously.

Reasons for Minecraft Lag

With a better understanding of Minecraft lag, you can think of ways to remedy the situation. Minecraft has both single-player and multiplayer elements, but lag can happen in both. For example, if you’re playing the former and it lags, it’s often because your computer can’t handle the load of the game.

If the lag happens in multiplayer, you might have various issues you could address. Among these is high latency. It means your internet connection isn’t stable, meaning it isn’t optimal for Minecraft gaming.

A good way to reduce latency is to use a Minecraft ping booster service. But other issues can lead to high latency in multiplayer mode, which includes a lack of system resources on the server sides. Sometimes, it’s because of hardware and software issues.

How to Improve Latency in Minecraft

The underlying causes for lag have lots of subtle nuances, but those are rare. The high latency fix tips in this guide will deal with the most common causes when playing in multiplayer. Here are some:

1. Shut Down Other Unnecessary Programs

When playing Minecraft, ensure that other unrelated programs aren’t running. As mentioned above, a common reason for high latency is the lack of resources. If you have other programs running, it will drain your bandwidth and make your game slower.

The most common programs that can make your Minecraft lag are VoIP and video streaming apps. Another thing to look out for is Google Chrome since it’s notorious for hogging resources. Despite its popularity as a browser with a 59.3% market share, it isn’t ideal when Minecraft is running.

2. Check Minecraft’s System Requirements

Before starting the game, check its requirements and compare it to your computer’s specs. If there’s a discrepancy between the two, you’re likely to end up with lag issues. A good way to fix this is to upgrade your RAM and graphics card.

Check all your drivers and ensure they’re all updated. If you do, it ensures that Minecraft won’t search and adapt itself to outdated drivers. Take note, Minecraft isn’t as heavy compared to other Triple-A games in system and processing power requirements.

Here are the recommended requirements to play Minecraft without worrying about the lag:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB or higher
  • GPU GeForce 700 Series with OpenGL 4.5
  • HDD: 4GB (SSD for better performance)

These requirements show that Minecraft isn’t resource-intensive. If your PC meets these and it still suffers from latency issues, it means the problem isn’t hardware-specific.

3. Don’t Use Wi-Fi Connection

Relying on a Wi-Fi connection often results in an unstable experience. With a hard-wired internet connection, you skip a step in the data transfer process. It also negates any wireless dead spots within your house.

The best part is that connecting your PC using an ethernet cable will make the Minecraft gaming experience much faster. You could also buy the latest router, as long as it fits your budget. The good news is most manufacturers optimize their routers specifically for gaming.

4. Disable Updates When Gaming

Automatic updates can help optimize your system. But when they start running in the middle of fighting hordes of Zombies in Minecraft, it can become fatal. That’s why when you’re playing online Minecraft, disable the automatic updates first.

You could set a reminder for yourself to turn it back on once you’re finished adventuring for the day. That way, your system won’t become outdated and make it lag either way.

To make the game run faster, try disabling your firewall. If you don’t like that idea, set Minecraft as an exception to the firewall. This decreases the latency rate since your system allows it to run, instead of scanning it for more information.

5. Take Care of Your Computer

Making the most out of your Minecraft gaming experience is to keep your computer running at its peak condition. Ensure that your system remains updated since it contributes to its smooth operation. Check the cleanliness of your system and scan for viruses.

Another thing to do is running the latency test regularly. It’s a good way to determine your device’s performance standing. Don’t think, just because you suffer from high latency in Minecraft last night, it won’t work anymore.

Check for possible specific problems. That way, you can determine the underlying problems and resolve them as soon as possible. But as a general rule, the best method to improve latency in Minecraft is to maintain your computer.

Improve Latency in Minecraft Today!

Latency is the bane of the gaming experience, regardless of whether it’s Minecraft or another game. That’s why these tips can help you improve latency, which can work on other games too. Apply them and you’re ensured to have a better adventuring experience in Minecraft.

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