How Mobile Gaming Has Taken Over PC And Console Gaming

Posted on February 20, 2020

Nearly 12 years ago, in 2008, the mobile gaming industry struggled for credibility and sales. Even with the launch of the iPhone and App Store, revenues remained minimal until 2012, and what an impressive ride it’s been since then! It was a surprise to everyone, including game developers, that mobile gaming placed itself as a huge competitor to its PC and console counterparts.

The mobile gaming industry has been experiencing rapid growth for several years now. It is indisputable that mobile gaming, which was once looked down upon by the video gaming community, has come to take over PC and console platforms.

The outcome would’ve seemed unfathomable a few years ago. But now, with 51% of the global games market, mobile gaming has taken center stage and is continuing to experience steady prevalence.

How did the mobile gaming industry take over PC and console gaming?

The mobile gaming industry started with a minuscule share of the global games market revenue. While PCs and consoles enjoyed a whopping 82%, mobile gaming remained at just 18% in 2012. It took a mere four years for the industry to become the leading platform of the gaming sector.

Now the question is, how did mobile gaming spread? What influenced its drastic growth from 18% to 51% of the market share? How did it take over PC and console gaming? Several factors have played their part, and some of them are as follows:

Almost everyone owns a smartphone

With a growing interest in smartphones and technological advancement, mobiles offer almost all services a PC or laptop does. It is more convenient and affordable to own a smartphone than a PC, gaming console, or TV. A single device does it all!

Full game experience without any restrictions

Unlike a PC and console where there might be micro-transactions, mobile gaming provides a full-fledged experience without any restrictions. With PC and console, players buy the game and must purchase expansion as well, in addition to paying more per game. On the other hand, in mobile gaming, players only spend extra for optional packages.

Play anywhere anytime!

Your phone is always with you, anywhere you go. Unlike a PC and console that must plug in for usage, smartphones are at your disposal anywhere. The gaming world can be accessed no matter where you are, as long as the smartphone is fully charged and links to an internet connection.

It is a cost-effective option

Smartphones are more cost-effective than buying a PC, console, or everything else that needs to be connected to enjoy the game. When you use your PC to play, a monitor is indispensable. Moreover, with a console, there must be a TV, a good speaker, and other equipment. However, with a smartphone, the device is all that’s necessary.

With an increase in demand for mobile gaming, more fully-fledged titles are being developed and will hit the market soon. Smartphones indeed offer a smaller screen. But when compared to the other benefits it provides, a smaller display is something that everyone would be willing to compromise on.

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