How to Choose the Right Game Server Hosting

Posted on September 27, 2018

You and friends decide to set up a private server to run custom games. Everything is installing and the room smells like B.O. and hype. Login credentials go around and on login... ugh... the server runs like crap.

This is the time you wish you had the best dedicated game server hosting.

A great gaming server handles games with top-notch performance. The best hosting offers flexibility turning private games into a full-on sandbox experience.

Read on to find out what to look for with dedicated gaming servers.

The Must-Have Features for the Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Server set up takes tech prowess but those willing soon gain one helluva platform. Any game offering client/server files could find its way on your server. You could set up for personal gameplay or open it to a community. You could make a few bucks with it, too, if the game is okay with it.

But enough about the why...

...let's consider the what when it comes to picking one.

1. Hardware

Hardware dictates performance, so compare the following:

  • Processor
  • Storage
  • Memory

Server requirements aren't the same resource hogs as playing the games. A basic Core i5-i7, 4GB Ram, and 200GB SDD setup can handle many games.


Better hardware creates a better experience, especially with larger player counts and mods. Consider premium packages offering dual-core CPU and 4GB+ RAM to provide buttery-smooth gameplay.

2. Connection Speed and Reliability

Factors to consider include:

  • 100Mbps or 1Gbps connection
  • Operating system (Windows vs Linux)
  • Up-time and Managed vs Self-Managed
  • Security features and support

High ping is the enemy of dedicated gaming servers. Always opt for gigabit connections when available. Likewise, pick a server OS you know, so you can make changes without frustrations.

Rather have someone handle the server? Managed services will do the trick.

Managed hosting also adds real-time support if you experience downtime and security issues. Test the provider's response time to see how quickly they may respond to requests. This "test" is a good indicator of quality service.

3. Development

A great server company regularly explores new hardware and software. They are enthusiasts like yourself looking for peak performance at affordable prices.

Look for a server company in a perpetual development cycle. This includes frequent upgrades on their end. And, openness to adding features and games voted by its community.

4. Pricing

Pricing shouldn't be the de-facto decision-maker, but worth noting. Servers don't necessarily pay for themselves despite efforts to accept donations. You'll want to calculate the costs before committing.

Know what you need beforehand:

  • # of players
  • Vanilla or mod-support
  • Performance
  • Features

Server pricing goes up with your gaming needs. Find a middle-ground of performance and affordability. Then, scale up once you can afford better server options or people contribute to the costs.

Want to Give Servers a Try? Demo our Warez

We know, you know having a private gaming server would be awesome. You also just the deets on picking the best dedicated game server hosting. Now, what about giving it a go?

We offer trials letting you explore dedicated gaming servers. Join the fun by hosting Factorio and Minecraft. Visit our trial page for more info.

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