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Be a Victorious Viking: How to Survive in Valheim

Posted on March 06, 2021

Around 49% of adults report they play video games across a variety of consoles and systems. One of the most popular platforms for online gaming is Steam.

On this website, you can download thousands of video games, some of which you can play online as a single-player or with friends. If you are a gamer, chances are you've heard of the third most popular game on Steam.

It's called Valheim, and it has a daily peak of roughly 300,000 users per day since the Valheim release date. In this popular survival game, you are a raider trying to navigate the vast and vicious world of Viking purgatory.

For the brand new user, Valheim can be a bit of a struggle. Survival is a technique learned over time, but there are tricks to keep you alive as you set out on your adventure. 

Are you looking for strategies on how to survive in the world of Valheim? We've got you covered with these fantastic tips!

Craft and Beware the Trees

In life, your character may have been a victorious Viking warrior. But in the afterlife, they have to start from scratch. Now, if you have played survival games before, then you know the importance of crafting.

It is even more of a necessity in the Valheim gameplay because you have to make things like:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Beds
  • Hearths
  • Workbenches
  • Rafts 
  • Kilns
  • Forges
  • Portals 

Right off the bat, you will find and receive recipes that allow you to create these items. You can also upgrade them along the way. Don't dawdle when you start the game, either.

Gather your supplies whether you think you need them or not. Chances are, you will get a recipe and wish you had picked up those extra items.   

So, after you establish your camp, you will need to grab your ax and set out to gather materials. The most critical resources you need are ore and wood. Here is where you need to pay close attention or else you won't survive. 

The trees in Valheim can kill you! Yes, that's right, as you chop down the trees, they can fall on top of you and crush your warrior before they even have a chance to make their mark on the afterworld.

Timber doesn't just fall when you swing an ax, either. There are other instances where these murderous tree limbs can cause fatalities. Your enemies can knock down lumber and even hit other trees, causing more of them to topple down.

So, be careful when you chop, fight, or take a stroll through the forest. It seems ridiculous and excessive, but this is the reality of surviving in Valheim.

Create a Spawnpoint

Search around for a bit and find the perfect spot to set up your camp. Remember, your campsite equals home in Valheim. You will create a fire and a bed for your warrior to sleep in every night.

Place these items wherever you wish, and you will have your spawn point. Now, if you do die, your warrior will have a place to spawn.  

Keep up With Item Repairs

Weapons and tools in Valheim have durability levels. The more you use them, the more worn they become until they eventually decrease in usefulness. It is to your warrior's advantage that you keep up with your item repair.

To do this, you will need to craft a workbench where you can work on your weapons. Likewise, you can take your stuff into a repair shop. The best part about this is Valheim's early access stage offers repairs for free.

That's right, you don't have to pay to get your gear fixed. So, get in there from time to time and make sure everything is up to par. Your warrior will thank you for it later. 

Buy Megingjord

In Valheim, you cannot increase your carry weight. That means the number of items you can carry will max out. Getting the notification that you can't hold any more gear is frustrating.

However, there is a small hack you can implement in the game to get around this annoyance. First, you want to find the merchant Haldor.

In his inventory, there is an item called Megingjord. It sells for a whopping 950 gold but is well worth the splurge. Megingjord will increase your carry weight to about 450. 

Get a Pickaxe for Ore

Obtaining a pickaxe sounds easier said than done. In classic Valheim fashion, you can't just get a pickaxe. You want this piece of gear so you can mine ore for crafting items.

There are several steps you must take to acquire the pickaxe crafting materials. These steps start with summoning and killing the first boss, Eikthyr. The first thing you need to do is craft some armor.

For starters, you need these items: 

  • Wood
  • Flint 
  • Deer pelts
  • Leather strips

At the beginning of the game, your armor will be leather. So, not the most protective, but it's better than nothing. Along with armor, you need a shield and a weapon, probably an ax.

After you have all of your gear crafted, head back out into the forest to hunt some deer. Since Eikthyr is a Stag boss, you have to find at least two deer and kill them.

Once you do this, he will appear, and you get to have your fun battling him. Once you defeat Eikthyr, your reward will be in the form of hard antlers. These are the crucial element to creating your pickaxe! 

Use Map Markers

The Valheim world map is expansive. It comes with tons of dungeons and places to visit. To avoid losing your way or forgetting where something is, place map markers.

When you find a place in the world that you would like to re-visit, open the map up (press M on the keyboard), and you will see a list of markers. Choose an icon, give it a name, and you're good to go. 

Play With Friends

Playing with friends has its benefits in every video game. In the pandemic, finding friends through multiplayer video games creates safe spaces and lasting bonds. In Valheim, you can invite friends by creating a server.

You can use your current world or choose to make a whole new one. There will be two types of servers to choose from: friends only and community.

By choosing the former, only those you invite can join. However, if you go with a community Valheim server, then anyone in the game may enter.

Playing with friends has its benefits as you can level up together, help each other gather resources, and fight big, bad bosses together. 

For More Valheim Game Servers

Playing Valheim requires a strategy of survival techniques that you learn as you go. We hope these tips and tricks helped you get started and keep you alive for a little bit longer in the game. 

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