How Using a Server Will Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Posted on January 18, 2019

As two-thirds of all Americans are playing games online, we're all having different experiences based on our devices and the types of games we play. If you're playing a lot of MMOs or big expansive games, you're going to be using a lot of server space and a lot of computer resources.

If you don't know how servers work or what kind of tools are best for gaming, you'll learn how to enhance your gaming experience.

Here are four ways that servers work to improve your gaming and give help to the people you're playing with online.

1. Killer Performance

When you're trying to compete in an MMO or playing any kind of online game, you're using all kinds of computer resources. While some players are serious techies, not all know the kind of computing power they need to get the most out of their gaming experience. When you're looking for the right system for your gaming, you should start with a dedicated server.

While many games use a peer to peer connection, there are many that can make use of a server for the best experience. If you and the peer are sharing the connection, the best host is going to prevail. If you're not a good host or you're playing with people who don't have the power to host, you're both going to suffer.

When you have a dedicated server, you extend the positive playing experience to the person you're playing with. As games become faster paced and more efficient with resources, developers are constantly looking for ways to push the limits. As computing power grows, the needs continue to expand.

Matches with or against people suffer when you're dealing with a poor host. Servers allow for a better game, as everyone gets the chance to react faster to what's happening on the gaming engine.

Players prefer a faster and more responsive experience, but they don't always have access to one.

2. Improved Control

If you want to have more control as you play, a dedicated server is the way to go. With most games the faster you can react, the more you can get out of them. You're going to bang your head against the wall if it seems like you're always a few frames ahead of the people you're playing against.

If you set up a dedicated server, you can add modifications to your system to make it increasingly faster or custom built for each game. Every game has different engine needs, so if you know what the requirements are, you can get a little bit more out of your gameplay.

When you have a dedicated server, you're also able to determine who has access to your server. If you're looking to mostly play with friends or the team you're practicing with, you can allow just them to play on your server. By offering that space with more speed and control, you get a leg up on other players.

You can disallow players who give you a high ping, meaning it takes too long to send information back and forth.

3. Lower The Lag

If you don't fully understand ping, just now that you want to be known as the person with the lowest ping. Ping is the measurement of how long it takes for an internet signal to get back and forth from its source to the destination and then back. People who have a lower ping have the advantage over those with a high ping.

If you have a slow web connection, that'll impact your ping. However, a lot of that could be mitigated with a dedicated server. When you can handle a multithread connection, sending out lots of bits of data, receiving it back, and flipping it around, you enjoy playing more.

Lag creates a bad experience for you and for other players. While some games try to address it because they have players connecting around the world, it's been a challenge. A high ping advantage is implemented in some games to help players with poor connections get help with players who have better connections.

Players far from a host server connect with bad connections to try to get more kills. This is a problem all over the place because dedicated server players end up handicapped. However, most games are trying to set a more reasonable balance.

4. Reliability and Support

With your own dedicated server, you have serious reliability. Rather than worrying about having problems when you're playing, you'll have guaranteed uptime. You'll be able to guarantee uptime to the people using your server as well.

Constant surveillance and monitoring over your server mean that you'll know when and if you have any snags. If you play with other peoples' servers, you'll only be allowed a portion of their game server. If they don't have a strong and dedicated server, you won't be getting much of a connection at all.

With the help of your server, you ensure you have the support when you need it. Most gamers only know a little bit about setting up and running a server, even those who have a dedicated one. However, if the dedicated server is hosted by the right company, you'll be able to get the support you need when you need it.

If you have any questions or concerns about your system, you can share your questions and concerns with the support line. Use a dedicated server company that offers around the clock support to ensure that you don't suffer any problems, no matter how late you're up playing.

Now You Know How Servers Work For You

Once you've learned how servers work for you and the people you game with, you'll provide a better gaming experience for everyone. If you want to get more out of your gaming, a dedicated server is the way to go.

For more information on how to deal with lag, check out our latest guide.

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