Terraria Servers – Now Available!

Posted on October 4, 2018

We are extremely happy to announce a new product to our offerings as requested by our community. We now have Terraria servers available for purchase. Our servers utilize the TShock, tModLoader, or vanilla server to provide a superior Terraria gaming experience with features below.

  • Admin system to execute commands in-game
  • Build protection
  • Warping
  • Plugin support to get more commands or fixes
  • Some minor fixes/tweaks to the vanilla server software
  • Edit hidden world settings in-game

  • Due to the nature of Terraria servers we are unable to offer servers with less than 1 GB of ram but we were able to keep our cost down on our servers to $4.50 per GB of ram. Please visit our Terraria page for a full list of all our hosting features.

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