9 Tips for Playing Mordhau

Posted on January 14, 2021

When it comes to medieval-style multiplayer carnage, very few games beat Mordhau. Ever since it came out, it has received instant adoration.

Once you start playing it for the first time, though, you may feel differently. You'll think that your opponents move faster than you, block everything, and never seem to miss. As frustrating as this can seem, it's also a credit to Mordhau's systems.

See, Mordhau is a very deep game. With its intricate combat mechanics and an endless number of disciplines to master, no fight will go the same way. By taking note of our gaming tips, you can ensure that you'll often come out the victor.

1. Play Support

One way to get through the early game slump is to play a support role. For example, consider using the blacksmith's hammer. This weapon allows you to build defenses around your control points, making it harder for enemies to push through.

You can also carry a medic bag, which heals your allies when thrown on the ground. This is a classic example of being useful for very little effort. Keep in mind that you can grab two bags and pick up new weapons from the ground.

2. Practice Feinting

Feinting can win a lot of fights by itself, especially in Frontline mode. To execute a feint, press Q while preparing to strike. This may trick the opponent into trying to parry, allowing you to get in a real attack while they're helpless.

Keep in mind that a good feint is all about timing. The best time to use it is at the last possible moment, as this makes your opponent more likely to react. You can also feint morphs and chambers, so use this trick liberally.

3. Change Your Attack Speed

Do you often find yourself standing in one place and swinging at an enemy? If so, they'll likely keep parrying you. To get the better of your opponents, mix up your timing by using "drags" (slowing down) and "accels" (acceleration).

A drag works by widening your angle of approach. If you're swinging from the right, for instance, move your cursor to the right of your backswing. This will make your sword travel further than normal, taking longer to reach your enemy.

An accel is pretty much the opposite of that. To use it, move your cursor to the left when swinging from the right. The resulting animation will make it seem like you're trying to pull your sword through the enemy.

4. Go Around Shields

Going up against a shield user can feel like an exercise in frustration. You could try kicking them, but that will give them a free shot if you miss. Save this tactic for when they're pushing upon you. Otherwise, try to get above or around their shield.

An overhead attack can get above a shield, especially if you jump during your strike. You can also try aiming low with a stab to make them drop the shield, then flick the stab up. If they're disoriented, striking around a shield can work as well.

5. Attack When Outnumbered

Much like in real life, fighting several enemies at once is not a good sign. When you do find yourself in this situation, the last thing you want is to turtle up. If you stick to backing up and parrying, they'll almost always overwhelm you.

Instead, try to isolate one enemy by moving to the side of the group attacking you. Then, get aggressive. Move erratically and switch targets mid-swing when possible. Even if you don't win, taking one enemy down with you can be a big help.

6. Listen for Enemy Grunts

You can divide every attack in Mordhau into two phases: the wind-up and the strike. Some things, such as feinting or morphing an attack, you can only do during the first phase. At the start of the second phase, your character will grunt.

In other words, paying attention to grunts gives you valuable info. If they haven't grunted yet, you'll know it's too early to counter them. By training yourself to react to this audio cue, you'll be far less likely to fall for many common tricks in the game.

7. Play on Duel Servers

Along with the three main game modes, Mordhau gives you access to custom servers. If you want to practice your fundamentals, join a 1v1 duel server. These servers allow you to practice your duel skills without other people butting in.

Another benefit of duel servers is that they tend to be friendlier than the Frontline mode. This gives you a chance to ask for actionable feedback. Of course, if you want to play with friends, you may be better off hosting your own server.

8. Parry Late and Often

How do you counter enemy feints while staying safe from their drags and accels? Well, the best thing you can do is parry as late as possible. This involves parrying at the exact moment before the enemy's weapon will hit you.

Other than countering feints, a late parry deals with different attack speeds. What's more, a successful parry will lose stamina in the process. Getting the timing down is tricky, so practice by erring on the side of "too late" rather than "too early."

9. Watch the Cursor

If you're beating your opponent, there's a good chance they'll turn around and run. Chasing them down can be an issue, especially if you're wearing heavy armor. The solution: keep your cursor on them to get a continuous speed boost.

Of course, the same thing can happen to you if you're not careful. If you feel like retreating, do so while backing up and facing the enemy. Fleeing outright isn't a good idea -- unless you can break the enemy's line of sight first.

More Gaming Tips for Mordhau

As you can see, Mordhau gives you plenty of things to keep track of. By following these gaming tips, you'll be better equipped to take on the game's challenges.

Remember: most fights in Mordhau come down to positioning. Take as much time as you need to learn the basic rhythms of battle. Stand just outside of your enemy's range, bait their attacks, dodge the strike, and push forward.

Looking for more Mordhau gaming tips? Interested in creating a dedicated Mordhau server at an affordable price? Contact us right here for more information!

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