Push the Limit: Why Unlimited Storage and other Game Server Upgrades are worth the Investment

Posted on September 13, 2020

Health policies due to the pandemic urged people to find other forms of entertainment. While many decided to work out at home and bake, many also started playing video games. Giants in the video game industry faced massive growth spikes.

Video games serve as great platforms for people to connect. Anyone with the right device and an internet connection can enjoy video games. Through game servers, you may also invite your friends.

In this article, we give you some great game server upgrades to invest in. Find out why you should save for unlimited storage and other game upgrades today! Check out these upgrades today.

What Is a Game Server?

A game server allows game clients to play multiplayer games on a local or remote server. Most internet games operate with a game server. A good gaming server must have processing and sound data-carrying capacity.

Most games let their clients use a dedicated game server application. This allows them to track players and distribute them to others. Dedicated game servers may require a separate computer for hosting.

Types Of Game Servers

There are two types of gaming servers: Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers. Listen Servers allow the server to operate at the same time a client does. It allows players to host and join a game at the same time.

A listen server will close when a client closes. Most listen servers operate through LAN parties by individuals. Listen Servers can accommodate only a small number of players.

Dedicate Servers work independently from a client. Individuals may start a dedicated server, but are more common on dedicated computers in processing centers. These data processing centers offer higher bandwidth and processing power.

For multiplayer PC games, most players prefer dedicated servers. It allows users to play with a wide population and in huge environments. Check out some of the best server upgrades for a better gaming experience.

Unlimited Storage

Take advantage of unlimited storage when you use a dedicated game server. Some games like Minecraft and Terraria require you to have a lot of storage. If you often play with mods, texture packs, and others, unlimited storage allows you to enjoy all of these things.
Our packages can provide you with unlimited SSD storage. Use these to expand your worlds and add more to your experience. You can check out our Minecraft game server package here for more great features.

Increased Speed

Some websites may eat up bandwidth, disk space, and processing memory. Getting an upgrade for increased speed will not only improve the performance of your computer. More speed can help you enhance your gaming experience with your friends.

You can increase speed on your server by closing unneeded background updates. While playing a game, your computer may attempt to update certain apps in the background. Stop automatic updates to speed up your server connection and smoothen your gameplay.

Virtual Private Networks

A VPN or a virtual private network can help you secure your information. A VPN allows you to connect only specific computers to each other, increasing security and preventing hacking. A user may not access data without going through one of these specified computers.

Data Syncing

You may upload files on a dedicated server and access that information with any connected device. Backing up your worlds allow you to prevent them from corrupting. You can keep your progress and save them automatically.

You can replicate data over several connected devices. This allows your friends on the server to have easy access to your resources. Data syncing on a dedicated server allows anyone to have an automatic connection.

Protection From DDOS

DDOS stands for distributed denial of service. This type of attack refers to a malicious attempt to disturb normal traffic in a server. It may also affect a service or network by overloading it with internet traffic.

A DDOS attack aims to consume all the available bandwidth. With an upgraded server, you may get advanced protection from DDOS attacks. Our services offer sophisticated protection technology so that you can enjoy your games.

You may also protect yourself from DDOS attacks by updating your firewall settings. Optimizing your firewall settings can protect you from any sign of malware. Your settings may vary depending on the games you play.

Upgraded Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that you can transfer over a network or server. It pertains to the capacity of a server to transmit information. In dedicated servers, bandwidth is the max amount of data that a user can transfer over a server per second.
You can receive and send more data with more bandwidth. A higher bandwidth also allows more players to join a server. You may not see a lot of impacts if you only have a few people joining your server.

Faster Storage Drive

You can optimize your gaming experience by upgrading your hardware. If your PC slows down often, your device may not have enough storage. You can upgrade your device for gaming by investing in a faster storage drive.

A full hard drive may prevent you from saving new information. It can also impact your PC's performance. Consider using a solid-state drive.

Solid-state drives utilize flash memory instead of a spinning disk. These drives offer faster experience than a hard disk drive. A fast drive can have many great impacts on your PC system.

It allows your PC to boot faster and games to launch faster. You may notice that your PC is more responsive.

Take Advantage of Unlimited Storage and Other Game Server Upgrades Now

Video games are a great way for us to connect and have fun with friends. New community health policies may prevent us from leaving our homes. But you can meet and enjoy time with friends from the safety of your home!

A dedicated server allows you to enjoy a better experience with your friends. Upgrades like unlimited storage can enhance your overall gaming experience. For more game server upgrade packages, contact us today!

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