What to Know About Dedicated Factorio Server Hosting

Posted on Feburary 17, 2023

Factorio is one of the most creative games out there. Since its release more than 10 years ago, it's attracted tons of players. Updates and mods mean the game is still widely played even years after its release.

Imagine how cool it would be to host your own Factorio server. You could build a community, create your own rules, and even use the mods of your choice to enhance gameplay. 

Want to learn more about what's involved with hosting a server? We've written this guide to help you out. Read on for some important tips and tricks you ought to know before becoming a server host. 

Learn About Factorio

Before you commit to hosting a Factorio server, you should learn as much about the game as possible. Although it was released way back in 2013, lots of gamers still don't know too much about Factorio. 

The game is extremely varied, offering players the chance to build amazing creative projects and defend themselves from increasingly hostile enemies. With time and a little thought, players can build everything from giant mech suits to spacefaring rockets. 

Play begins on an alien world filled with strange lifeforms known as biters, worms, and spitters. Players need to defeat these beasts in combat and harvest their bodies for resources.

Using blueprints, players can design complex assembly lines. These can even be used to create defenses for your factory, protecting you from the waves of enemies that grow more powerful with every passing day. 

Although the game may seem simple at first, as time goes on it becomes more complex. Players are responsible for managing their factories and keeping their production lines running smoothly. It's a fun challenge for most gamers and requires a creative but logical mind. 

Factorio is an open-world game, allowing players to work on their creations for as long as they like. This works well in a private server where players don't necessarily want to quit the game after just a few days of playing. When you invest in a private server, you can play for months or years, building an entire universe. 

Find the Best Factorio Server Hosting

There are lots of different options available for Factorio server hosting. Each one has different advantages, so think carefully about what you're looking for in a server. Some extra research can help you to find the best Factorio server host. 


If you're planning on growing your Factorio server beyond a handful of players, you need to think about capacity. Will your server be able to run well even when dozens or hundreds of players are online at once?

We can offer as much server capacity as you need, so there's no reason to worry. Even if your server grows beyond your wildest dreams, we've got the resources to back you up.


If something goes wrong with your server, you may need tech support. If the server went down, you might not have the technical expertise to get it up and running.

By working with AleForge, you benefit from our technical expertise. That allows you to focus on having fun and making friends while we handle the technical side of server hosting. 


Pricing is an important issue to consider when hosting any server. The amount you'll pay depends on how big your server is. Costs can slowly grow along with your server, so you need to make sure your hosting provider isn't charging over the odds. 

Our Factorio servers offer some of the best-priced hosting you'll find anywhere online. Pricing scales depend on the size of the server, so you can enjoy low costs if you're starting small. Starting from only $1.50 per GB, this is great value, especially when you start small. 

Server Plans

The best server hosting providers offer different packages to suit different scenarios. Some people want a simple, low-cost server that's enough to allow a few friends to play together. Others are looking for something a little more extravagant, a server that's capable of running at full speed while dozens or hundreds of players are online.

We offer a variety of hosting options that should appeal to all kinds of players. We offer servers for small factories, modded factories, and even a mega package offering 6GB of memory and a 15GB SSD disk.

If that's not enough for you, we offer a wide range of premium options, too. You can add unlimited server slots and more memory to suit your needs and improve performance. 

The Spice of Life

Some would argue that Factorio is plenty exciting as it is. Others say the many mod options for the game can spice things up nicely. As a server owner, it's up to you to decide which one would work well. 

Factorio's development was influenced by mods made to Minecraft and other games. So, it's only natural that the game has plenty of different mods available. Some allow players to create a train network while others allow players to explore space. 

If you have the time and the right skill set, you could even make your own mods. Some communities of players work together to improve Factorio in all kinds of ways, then build a server around their unique mod. 

If you want to run a Factorio server with mods, think carefully about the kind your community would enjoy. Mods can be a lot of fun, but if they add too much complexity, you run the risk of making things too stressful for your community. Talk with your friends and anyone else who might play on your server to find out which kinds of mods are popular. 

Build Your Community

Most people play on private servers to enjoy a special kind of community. That's why you ought to think carefully about how you cultivate and support your community. Put these issues at the top of your priority list and your server will be a success in the long term. 

A Discord server is an important way to grow your community. Servers are easy to start up and there's no cost involved. They will allow your community to develop far more strongly than a community that can only talk in the game. 

Discord is a great way to allow people to talk while they aren't actively playing the game. You can use the different rooms of a server to allow people to set up events or talk about ways to improve the server. 

Give some thought to keeping your community clear and free of toxic influences. As the number of players on the server grows, you may end up needing to bring in more moderation tools, including the ability to mute or ban problem players. Try to think ahead so that you can stay on top of these problems. 

As a server host, you'll be responsible if things in chat get out of control. Although you probably want to simply have fun and relax, players can get the most fun out of a game when the environment feels safe and welcoming. 

Bringing in New Players

You may want to start a private server just to play with your friends. It's a great way to connect with friends and family who may live far away.

But you may want something more. Perhaps you want to build a whole community of players from all over the world. This has many advantages, allowing more opportunities to make friends and build something lasting.

It can also make the game experience far richer. More players means more competition and a stronger economy. That makes the game world more immersive for everyone.

Bringing in new players can be a daunting task, but it's not so difficult with a little extra effort and creativity. Consider taking out a small ad on Facebook to attract gamers to your server. Promote the things that make your server stand out from other Factorio servers and you could soon be welcoming a whole host of extra players. 

Start Your Factorio Server Today

Running a Factorio server can be fun and rewarding and it's a great way to get creative. When you work with AleForge, you can relax in the knowledge that the technical aspects of server hosting are taken care of while you enjoy playing the game. 

Now that you've read this article, we hope you're ready to begin the journey of Factorio server hosting. If that's the case, we can help you get started in just a minute or two! Check out our different Factorio packages today. 

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