Your Guide to RUST Server

Posted on December 20, 2021

Once again, RUST is reaching a record number of online players with an astonishing 150,000 players worldwide. If you're looking into returning to this amazing franchise you may want to familiarize yourself with how to run a server.

Hosting a dedicated server in Rust isn't as easy as it sounds. This short guide will give you all the ins and outs of running a RUST server.

RUST Server Content Organization

The RUST survival game server is not tedious, the basics start with understanding how to install your server. To do this, you need two things: First, you need a computer with internet access to run the game.

There are various types of servers that you can own and operate. This particular instance of building a RUST server is focusing on installing the server on a Windows computer. But, you can operate the server on both IOS and Linux.

Second, you'll need this computer to download the program Steam CMD. You can do this by searching for the phrase "Steam CMD" itself in your preferred search engine. 

This should take you to the Valve developer web page. Scroll down to the Windows server download link. This will allow you to download a zip file containing all the contents of the Steam CMD download.

Navigate to the Downloads folder and unzip the file using your favorite extractors such as WinZip or 7zip. An easy way to maintain your organization is to create and drop these contents into a folder you can call "New Test Server".

In addition, you can add a "Rust Server" folder to separate your server information from the "SteamCMD" folder. It's important to remove any spaces from the folder naming format or else it will disrupt the server process.

Running The SteamCMD Application

Extract the contents of SteamCMD into the "SteamCMD" folder. Once you extract, open the SteamCMD application. Once you execute, this will begin to install the SteamCMD program.

This installation will provide a command prompt to help complete the server process. This installation will generate a series of files and folders and an open command prompt.

At this point, you will need to install the actual files that help operate the RUST server using the Steam Command Prompt. The command prompt allows you to either login anonymously or you can use your personal Steam information.

The only difference here is that an anonymous login allows you to log in without a password. To login anonymously, enter "login anonymous" in the command prompt. Otherwise, input your Steam information and press enter. 

You may receive a pop-up window from Windows defender. Allow Windows Defender to access the program.

SteamCMD Server Installation

We need to tell SteamCMD where to install the specific files to operate the server. So let's navigate to the aforementioned "Rust Server" folder.

In SteamCMD, input the command "force_install_dir". Then, copy the location bar and paste the information into the SteamCMD. Afterward, you can input the command "app_update 258550". 

Once you enter these commands, it will begin allocating and downloading the server data. This will take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

If it installs successfully, you will see the phrase "Success! App '258550' fully installed". Once you complete this information, you can temporarily close the SteamCMD and alter the batch file to run the server.

Connecting to RUST Dedicated Server

Run the Rust dedicated server to begin exploring your map. These maps are procedurally generated and allow you to fit anywhere between 5 to any number of units.

Any alterations to the batch file that generates your map are inside the "server" folder, adding DDOS protection. It is possible to host several servers out of this same folder under the same Dedicated Server.exe.

If you are playing on the same host PC, hit F1 to access the RUST console. This allows you to make any alterations to the map and the player count inside your server.

To connect to the server on the same host PC, Enter the command "client. connect localhost:[portnumber]". The port number is whichever number you designate in your batch file.

RUST Console & No Clip

As the server host, you have full control over item generation and spawning or despawning players. But, you need to become the owner.

Open the console and enter "owner id" and add your Steam 64ID. Write this command in to confirm ownership of the config file.

Now that you are given the title of owner, you can open the command and navigate to the items section. Selecting any item, such as a rifle, will allow you to spawn the item.

Other commands allow you to roam around the server. This is known as no clipping. Once again, open the F1 console and enter "noclip". Once you hit enter you are free to roam around the map as you please. If you ever want to stop no clipping, you can repeat this process in the command.

You can bind this specific command to a key. To do that, you can enter "bind[key] noclip" with "[key]" being the key you want to use.

RUST Commands Godmode & Ant Kill

You can make your sole character or any character invincible by activating Godmode. This can prevent damage from falls and other objects.

To activate this, enter "god true" or "god 1" into the F1 console. The console will then report back the phrase "global.god; 'true'". You will now have protection from everything.

Another helpful command for both owners and moderators is ant kill which is another form of entity kill. To kill an entity in the server enter "ent kill" into the server.

This will allow you to destroy most items on the map including trees and animals. But this will not allow you to destroy prefab buildings and monuments. This is another important command to bind to a key for easy access.

RUST Server

Hosting a Rust server is a great way to grant your player complete reign over your island, doing whatever you want. In addition, it's free so it's a great deal!

Hosting your own server can give you and your players the freedom of playing your own kind of game.

Follow our blog for more information on how to build your very own RUST server.

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