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Our StoryAbout Us

We’ve hosted many game servers over the years for our friends and the community at large and always ran into issues with hosts. You would always buy slots with every resource shared allowing for others to break your server whether it be on purpose or on accident.

We want to offer a clear view into server hosting, provide the resources you need, and guide you towards what you need if you don’t know. We strive to be a provider that works with it’s community. If there is a game or feature missing, let us know so we can add it to our roadmap.

We want to change that by providing hosting with no obfuscation, period.

“We believe we can do game server hosting right.”

OUR LOCATIONSLocated all Around The Globe

Pick the server location worldwide that works best for you and your friends. Our map automatically tests your latency to each site in real-time.

San Jose, CA
Chicago, IL
Bend, OR
Dallas, TX
Vint Hill, VA
Frankfurt, GR
Sydney, AU
Singapore, SG
Mumbai, IN

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