Satisfactory: Play the Ultimate 1st Person 3D Factory Simulation Game

Posted on April 21, 2022

Did you know that there are more than 2.7 billion gamers worldwide? With so many people turning to games to occupy their time, it opens the door for many new games. If you're one of those gamers looking for a new simulation game to play, many options are available. 

So, what's right for you? Read this article about Satisfactory, a new simulation game already receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

What Is Satisfactory?

What is Satisfactory? It is a first-person open-world factory building game.

Satisfactory was released in 2020 by Coffee Stain Studios. This game also brings exploration and combat to your gameplay. 

You can play with your friends or by yourself. In this early access game, get ready to journey across an alien planet that needs exploring, build multi-story factories, and set up automation via conveyor belts. 

Satisfactory is available on Steam and Epic Games. 

What Do You Do in Satisfactory?

Are you intrigued by that description? A few things you will do throughout this simulation game that make it even more intriguing. 


The alien planet you're traveling to is filled with natural resources. These are valuable to your gameplay and will help build your factories across the land.

As you begin building your factories, it's essential to use your foundations wisely. Foundations will help with the alignment of your factories and set you up for success.  


As you build your factories, you will also build conveyor belts. Your conveyor belts will supply all your needs. While they start slow, they will speed up as you upgrade.

In addition, you can automate trucks and trains to go to your outposts that are far away. The game tutorial will walk you through the process of building your factories and guide you through automation. 

It's vital to automate mining and construction as early as you can. Two resources that are very important in this game are concrete and iron. 

Concrete is needed for your foundations, walls, and other parts of your factory. Automating this involves hooking a miner to a limestone deposit and running a conveyor belt into a constructor. 

Iron is needed to create many machines in your factory and finish your hub's goals. Early game, you need to smelt and mine iron. 

The iron then needs to get sent into a constructor to get turned into rods and plates. Early careful planning with both of these resources will help set you up for success. 

One of your goals in the game is to get your resources fully automated, but you shouldn't be afraid to do things yourself. A good amount of grinding will need to be done to get to where your world can be fully automated. 

Explore and Exploit

You can explore the world to find new materials to use in your world. You will have vehicles, jetpacks, jump pads, and other items that will help you as you explore. 

You will also want to craft and equip gear and weapons that can help protect you against PVE elements in the game. Using the right weapons will help you excel with combat skills, so be sure to check out some guides with tips. 

Pro Tip: You Can Train the Lizard Doggo

If you run into the lizard doggo, you can train it as a pet. When you see one, approach it slowly. If you're wearing Blade Runners, take them off, they will scare the doggo. 

It will be cautious, but if you approach slowly, it will stare at you, and you might notice it's licking its lips. 

When you see this, drop one Paleberry on the ground. You can do this by clicking on one Paleberry and dragging it outside your inventory window. 

If you remain still, the doggo will eat the berry. You can interact with your alien doggo, and if it jumps, you now have an alien friend. It's important to note that if you die and respawn or wander too far from your doggo, it might forget you. 

In that instance, you will need to retrain it. 

Satisfactory Server Hosting

You can self-host Satisfactory; however, that could lead to security issues or issues managing the server. Because you're sharing the server with many other people, it impacts your gameplay. 

You might experience downtimes, crashes, lag, and errors. As any gamer knows, lag can often make you want to throw your device. In addition, if you're going to invite friends from other countries to play with you, having a dedicated server is a great idea. 

Using a dedicated server for Satisfactory has many benefits. 


A dedicated server provides you with the latest software and hardware. You will also have abundant server resources. 

You need a dedicated server if you want a high-speed performance during your gameplay. 

Little to No Downtime

Trying to log into your game and experiencing downtime is frustrating.

Satisfactory is a great game to leave up and running while you're AFK to continue gathering resources. If you want to play as long as you want and not experience downtime, a dedicated server can help. 


A dedicated server gives you superior security that you don't have to manage. This keeps people from hacking into your system to steal data and resources. 

Better Control and Customization

If you want more control over your server and customization options, a dedicated server is a perfect option. You can customize your server to your preferences and not worry about it. 

As the server owner, you will have an easy-to-use control panel. 


Ale Forge believes you should be able to get support when you need it. Because of that, we have a support team that works 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

A Satisfactory Simulation Game

Are you ready to download a simulation game you'll love? Satisfactory has many features that will provide hours of fun as you build and automate your world. 

However, you need a dedicated server if you want the best experience.  If you're ready for your Satisfactory gameplay to be, well, "satisfactory," order your free trial of a dedicated server today. 

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